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Amusing craft ("Poteshny promysel") Art Studio, St. Petersburg, Russia

Handmade souvenir art dolls production since 1991.

Amusing Craft Art Studio St. Petersburg Russia

The art-studio "Poteshny promysel" at St. Petersburg Museum of dolls has revived the two-century-old traditions of creating dolls in St. Petersburg.

Artists with a special university degree and masters of folk crafts work to create these dolls. Historians and ethnographers also take part in this process.

The dolls are made of textile, combined with the paper mache and porcelain. Their costumes are made with accurate detailed elaboration and ethnographic authenticity. Not only outer clothing and headgear are beautifully executed, but also typical hair styles are recreated .

Each doll is hand-made: the dolls' faces of the same model have different expressions, like twin sisters :-)

The artistic level and the technical quality of these products are believed to satisfy the St. Petersburg art-style tradition and  modern aesthetic requirements.

All products have the certificate of ecological safety.

These wonderful dolls will bring joy and delight to you, your family, friends and colleagues. They will decorate the interior of your home or office, and can be ideal gifts and souvenirs.

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