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Post By Armelle Glup
Armelle Glup
As a collector I like this online store very much. High quality products, authenticity of costumes a ...

Dolls in stylized costumes

֍ Souvenir Art Dolls in original stylized costumes. Porcelain, textiles. For collection, interior, for a gift.
֍ Each doll in this section can be viewed from all sides by rotating the image by 360° - come in, admire & choose!
֍ We try to keep the images up to date, but these are handmade dolls, so the specific copies of one model and one release are similar to each other like twins, but may differ in small details.
֍ Dolls of the same model of different releases may also differ in detail and color of clothes. If this is important for you, please contact us by mail or chat  (button in the bottom right corner) before ordering for further details.
֍ Careful packaging and shipping worldwide from St. Petersburg, Russia!

Art Dolls in original stylized costumes -

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