Art dolls - the order for production


  • Wholesale prices are 35-50% lower than retail prices, depending on the order amount;
  • At least 5 pieces of each model;
  • Production time 1-2 months, depending on the complexity of the model and the availability of materials in stock;
  • Prepayment 50% of the total cost of the order.


  • Development of one model (creation of a new industrial design) on the basis of our models of dolls according to Your pictures and photos costs from 6-10 thousand rubles depending on the complexity of the model. The price is valid at
    subject to further replication of the model with us. If the circulation of the sample is planned for the amount of $46000, the development of the sample is free, will be included in the cost of the order.
  • Creating a design of model - $78.
  • Development of one doll model with the transfer of copyright, passport and a set of patterns-from $470, depending on the complexity of the model.
  • Portrait doll. Author's doll. A theatrical doll. The price is calculated individually depending on the complexity of the doll. You are required to take photos or sketches and
    wishes for the doll costume. Various variants of manufacturing techniques are possible: porcelain, textiles, plastic, papier-mache, wood.

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